A Ketubah in its purest form is technically a marriage contract. All Ketubahs include text placed within a beautiful design. There are many text options available for Jewish couples, but there are few “official” options available for Christian couples. Therefore, you and your significant other hold the reigns!

If you want to keep it within Jewish tradition, you can have the Ketubah text translated into Hebrew or Aramaic, language of ancient Hebrews. You can also have your Christian Ketubah text written in English only, for a more modern document.

You can place the vows that you have both written to read to each other at your wedding within the Ketubah design, or you can go with the more traditional method of taking a standard, pre-written, “Jewish” Ketubah text, and changing certain words and phrases to reflect your Christian values.

Mike and I personally chose to write our own vows and have them placed within our Christian Ketubah design. We also consulted with our Pastor on what would be the best passages and psalms to include in our text.