You can put just about anything on your Christian Ketubah. Many traditional Ketubah designs include traditional “Jewish symbols”, such as the Hamsa, or hand of God, the Star of David, trees, or other traditional emblems. If this isn’t your interest (and it isn’t for most Christians), there are many online Ketubah stores that sell more modern Ketubah designs. For example, our Christian Ketubah was designed in the style of Claude Monet, as we wanted a Ketubah that resembled a piece of fine art.

Many online Ketubah stores also have artists on staff that will be able to create a custom Ketubah, just for you, based on artistic styles that you and your significant other both love. My husband loves Monet, but I’m more of a Picasso woman myself. The artist we contracted was able to mix both styles into one, beautiful, piece of artwork, that speaks to both of our personalities, and our commitment to each other and a life filled with Christ.

A Ketubah is a very personal thing, so don’t be shy when talking to an artist! Here’s what we did to think deeply about our Ketubah: We went on a nature walk, and asked each other what styles of art the other liked. You might ask what symbols and shapes you both love, and what images come into your mind when you picture the love you feel for each other as an abstract piece of art.