Hi! We’re Mike and Janet :) We’re just your average, run of the mill Christian couple from Florida. We’ve been happily married for 8 years this June (and counting :). We first learned about the Ketubah tradition from our Jewish neighbors, Ari and Micaela. We loved not only the artwork of their Ketubah, but also the history and tradition behind the Ketubah itself. We’re not Jewish, but we though that this would be a beautiful way to put our love into art, and a gorgeous way to display our vows for the world to see (we like to show off!).

We searched, and searched, and searched, but we found almost ZERO resources online for Christian couples interested in getting a Ketubah. With the help of Ari and Micaela, we were eventually put in touch with an artist who created a Christian Ketubah that we both absolutely love. There are a lot of couples who may be interested in a Christian Ketubah, but may not be lucky enough to have friends like Ari and Micaela. We created this website to help out fellow Christians who want to show off their love to the world with a beautiful Ketubah :)

Best Regards,

— Mike and Janet