Welcome to ChristianKetubahs.com! We’re Mike and Janet, a couple from Central Florida. Even though we’re Baptist, we loved our Jewish neighbors’ Ketubah so much, we decided that we needed to get our own! After researching online, we realized that there was very little information for Christian couples who want a beautiful presentation of their marriage vows. For this reason, we decided to create the complete, #1 online resource to buying a Ketubah for Christian couples, www.ChristianKetubahs.com.

Ketubahs are not just for Jewish folks anymore. People of all creeds and faiths, are beginning to follow the tradition, and showing their love for one another with a beautiful piece of artwork that they can hang in their house before family, friends, and God. Our Pastor always compliments its beauty!

Think you want a Ketubah but don’t know where to start? Follow the links at the bottom on each page to access the complete guide, or fill out the form to the right to get personal advice from Mike and myself!

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